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Mass spectrometers, chromatography systems and analysis software for proteomics

TOF and TOF/TOF Ultraflex I (with refitted PAN™ technology, Bruker Daltonics) MALDI
  Ultraflextreme (Bruker Daltonics) nanoLC-MALDI
  Voyager-DETM STR-DE (Applied Biosystem) MALDI
  SELDI ProteinChip System (Ciphergen)  
  ABI 4800 Proteome Analyser (AB Sciex) MALDI
Ion traps LCQ DecaXPplus (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Esquire 3000+ (Bruker Daltonics) nanoLC-ESI
  Esquire 3000 (Bruker Daltonics) capLC-ESI
  ESI-Orbitrap (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  ESI-Orbitrap-ETD (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  ESI-Orbitrap-Velos (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
Hybrids and others Orbitrap Fusion Lumos (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Orbitrap Fusion (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Q Exactive HF (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Q Exactive plus (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Q Exactive (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  Q-ToF Ultima (Waters) nanoLC-ESI
  Triple Quadrupole Vantage (Thermo Scientific) nanoLC-ESI
  TripleTOF 5600+ (AB Sciex) nanoUPLC-ESI
  Triple Quadrupole Quantiva (Thermo Scientific)  
  Q-Tof Synapt G2-S (with ion mobility, Waters) nanoUPLC-ESI
Liquid handling Freedom EVO 150 (Tecan)  
Peptide Synthesis Peptide Sythesizer 433A (Applied Biosystems)  
Proteomics software Mascot 2.4 (Matrix Science)  
  Delta2D (Decodon)  
  Proteome Discoverer 2.2