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Advances in Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry, 4th Symposium of the Göttingen Proteomics Forum, November 19, 2009. Scientific lectures:
  • Sabine Bahn (University of Cambridge, Neuroscience, Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge) - Disease biomarkers in first-onset schizophrenia.

  • Yishai Levin (University of Cambridge, Neuroscience, Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge) - Discovery and validation of protein biomarkers for schizophrenia in blood using nLC-MSE and nLC-MRM.

  • Daniel Martins-de-Souza (Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie, RG Proteomics and Biomarkers, München)  - Proteome analysis of brain tissue from schizophrenic patients.

  • Ferdinand von Eggeling (CUCA - Core Unit Chip Application, Institut für Humangenetik und Anthropologie, Jena) - Spatial resolved proteomics in cancer research.

  • Michel Salzet (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Laboratoire de Neuroimmunologie des Annélides, Lille) - MALDI imaging for clinical proteomic application.

  • Karl Mechtler (IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Protein Chemistry Facility, Vienna) - High precision quantitative proteomics using iTRAQ on an LTQ Orbitrap: a new mass spectrometric method combining the benefits of all.

  • Albert Heck (Netherlands Proteomics Center, Utrecht) - Phosphoproteomics: promises, deliverables and challenges.