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Advances in Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry, Mass spectrometry with spatial resolution: MALDI imaging and laser capture microscopy. 5th Symposium of the Göttingen Proteomics Forum, November 22, 2012. Scientific lectures:
  • Marc Baumann - Imaging mass spectrometry: Searching for the invisible, a new tool for disease investigations.

  • Isabelle Fournier - Protein identification in MALDI MS imaging to unravel physiopathological processes.

  • Detlev Suckau - Beyond pretty images: Biomarker identification strategies as follow up to imaging based biomarker discovery.

  • Axel Walch - MALDI imaging mass sepctrometry in tissue-based clinicopathological research .

  • Malcolm Clench - Examination of drug distribution and response to treatment in skin and tumor samples by MALDI-MSI .

  • Andreas Pich - Brain tissue imaging to investigate an animal model for the human Usher syndrome .

  • Theo Luider - Laser capture microscopy and proteomics: Detection of proteins at the cellular level?

  • Per Andrén - MS imaging: Quantitation of drugs, small molecules and neuropeptides directly in tissue sections.

  • Ian Edwards - High definition MALDI MS imaging: Full integration of the ion mobility dimension from acquisition to visualization.